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Curved Penis Problem

Curved Penis Problem

I never heard about Peyronie’s Disease before. Nevertheless, my recent readings include a magazine describing sexual problems some people are experiencing because of this illness. It made me look into the studies about it. Peyronie's disease was described first in 1743 by Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, a surgeon to Louis XIV. Peyronie's Disease is a tissue disorder. It is not a cancer and the excess of collagen causes it. The common symptoms are a curved penis and hurting erections. Peyronie's Disease is not rare; even though the usual statistic claims that it affects only 3-6%. However, the specialists suspect that the percentage is much higher than claimed, because patients not in search of diagnosis and treatment. Some study suggests that the real number is about 20%. The following study gives you a full overview on the disease, common causes and treatment.

I find the study written by Knut Holt, very well informed. Click Here

Another article I found fascinating what claims a new treatment for  Peyronie’s Disease. Unfortunately, the treatment is done by injection.Click Here