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Personal Lubricant Provides Comfort

Personal Lubricant Provides Comfort

Love is a unique and fragile feeling. Life knows many stories, when mutual attraction changes to mutual frustration after sexual intimacy. Doctors specializing in sexual problems can give you numerous examples of intimacy problems resolved just by using sex lube. Sometimes women do not develop enough natural lubrication. It creates dryness, which is uncomfortable for both partners and sometimes even sores and infections develop. In that situation, use of sexual lubricants becomes the easiest solution. Sex lube has the following features: - Imitates natural lubrication; - Does not contain fat; - Does not stain underwear, can be easily removed with water; - Decreases the chance of a condom breaking From the experiences and feedback from our customers, we get the best responses on our extensive selection of sex lubricants. “I love ASTROGLIDE lube. It improves the joy of intimacy between us and brings a light aroma of strawberries into play” – says Ophra F. I happened to read an article by Terry Richards about Sex Lubricants. I found it very educational and interesting. The article provides a full overview on types of lubes offered by the industry.

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