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Condom Styles

The time proved that condoms are the most dependable method to prevent sexually transmitted disease (STD) and unwanted pregnancies. Majority of experts agree that the risk of AIDS and STD will reduce dramatically if a condom used correctly. Without a condom, the infected fluids pass from one partner to another. The most common condomís material is latex. For somebody who suffers from allergy to latex, using it is a problem. They have to use Natural or Polyurethane condoms. Safety wise, natural (lambskin) condoms do not prevent from STD. There are condoms with different shapes, colors, textures and flavors. Recently, the fluorescent condoms appeared on the market. Condomís length varies. There are regular, large, extra large and snugger fit condoms. There are condoms with a variety of width too. Some of them have tighter fit. Condoms have to be approved by the British Standard Kite Mark or the EEC Standard Mark (CE). In the USA, condoms should be FDA approved. All over the world they have to be ISO approved. There are few important tips we would like to share with you: 1. Check the expiration date before you use the condom 2. For a full protection, a condom has to unroll and cover the entire penis. 3. Carefully read the label on a condom. 4. Every time you have sex, use a new condom. 5. Use condom from start to finish of sexual encounter. 6. If you switch from anal to vaginal, you should change the condom. 7. If you have difficulties unrolling the condom, most likely, you are trying to put it upside down. 8. To take off the condom hold it near the rim and try to slide it.

The following companies produce a wide variety of condom and condom related products of various types and styles that fit the needs of sexually active couples.

Condom Elite carries all brands listed below:
Durex Condoms
Trojan Condoms
Trustex Condoms
Lifestyles Condoms
Pleasure Plus Condoms
Kimono Condoms
Night Light Condoms
Crown Condoms
Caution Wear Condoms
Contempo Condoms
Beyond Seven Condoms
Okamoto Condoms
Four Seasons Condoms
One Condoms
Paradise Condoms
Vivid Condoms

Condom Elite carries all styles listed below:
Color and Flavor Condoms
Thin Condoms
Female Condoms
Large Condoms
Small Condoms
Non Lubricated Condoms
Ribbed Studded Condoms
Non Latex Condoms
Sensitive Condoms
Warming Condoms
Climax Control Condoms
Spermicidal Condoms
Glow in the Dark Condoms
Extra Strength Condoms
Variety Pack Condoms
Condoms on Sale
Condom Gifts
Condom dams

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