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Sex and genital Warts

Sex and Genital Warts

We all live our everyday life not thinking twice about how uncomfortable our existence can become just because of tiny papiloma on our genitals. Genital Warts are considered the most recognizable and common STD. It starts with minor itch, you feel intimidated, uncomfortable to share or (OMG!) to show it to anybody. Frequently, people are making a big mistake by not going to the doctor immediately. The earlier you recognize that you have genital wards, the better and faster you cured. Genital wards are very contagious and you can get it no matter what kind of sex you are involved oral, genital or anal. The worst part is that it does not appear right after you are infected. The warts sometimes are appearing in 3 months. It is very important to realize that people who practice active sexual lifestyle with multiple partners are in a high-risk group. When you are not in a committed relationship, the best prevention against Genital Warts is using condoms.

The article written by Michael Sanford gives you the basic info about the disease, treatment and prevention. Click Here