FC Female Condom by Kimono 3 Pack

FC Female Condom by Kimono

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CODE: kimfemcon001

Price: $15.95


fc female condom is a soft, thin, transparent sheath designed to fit comfortably inside the woman’s body. Formerly called Reality Female Condom, fc female condom is the first and only FDA approved female-initiated barrier method that provides women with options and control. fc female condoms can be inserted moments or hours before sex, eliminating inconvenient interruptions and allowing for complete spontaneity. fc female condom is roomy, providing men with comfort and freedom of movement, while providing women with more stimulation during sex. Made of polyurethane (non-latex), fc female condom allows more heat to transfer between bodies, resulting in that natural feeling that many desire. Non-latex also means it is safe for use by those that have latex allergies. Its polyurethane design gives couples the ability to use a variety of personal lubricants, including oil based varieties. Sensual feeling and convenience has made fc female condom a preferred choice among men and women.

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