New, improved! The thinnest latex condom in the U.S. featuring a new shape. Designed for the discriminating consumer demanding the maximum in feeling. Kimono MicroThin intelligently combines sheer thinness with ultimate strength. Kimono premium brand condoms, leaders of the ultra thin condom market have redesigned their best selling condom, Kimono MicroThin. Now, the thinnest latex condom in the U.S, Kimono MicroThin features a new straight-sided shape that makes donning easier no matter what his size. Purely elegant and stunningly transparent, Kimono MicroThin provides the most natural experience possible; couples say it feels like wearing nothing at all! 

Kimono condom styles include: Kimono Lubricated,  Kimono Colors, Kimono Maxx, Kimono MicroThin,  Kimono MicroThin w/ Aqua Lube, Kimono MicroThin Large, Kimono E-Type, Kimono w/ Aqua Lube

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Kimono Condoms

Kimono Textured Lubricated Condom

Kimono Textured Lubricated Condoms

CODE: kimeeetyp001

Price: $10.95


Kimono Maxx Lubricated Condom

Kimono Maxx Lubricated Condoms

CODE: kimmaxlubl001

Price: $10.95


Kimono MicroThin Lubricated Condom

Kimono MicroThin Lubricated Condoms

CODE: kimmicthn001

Price: $10.95


Kimono MicroThin w/Aqua Lubricated Condom

Kimono MicroThin w/Aqua Lube Condoms

CODE: kimmicthn002

Price: $10.95


Kimono Micro Thin Large Lubricated Condom

Kimono Micro Thin Large Lubricated Condoms

CODE: kimmiclrg001

Price: $10.95