Kimono Micro Thin Large Lubricated Condoms

Kimono Micro Thin Large Lubricated Condom

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CODE: kimmiclrg001

Price: $10.95


Kimono Micro Thin Large Lubricated Condoms: Features: 25-45% thinner than other large condoms, Larger head, Longer shaft, Convex shape, Reservoir tip, Natural rubber latex, Lightly lubricated, Made with advanced Japanese condom technology and engineering. Kimono MicroThin Large has a larger head with greater length, plus it has a little extra lubricant to ensure a pleasurable, comfortable experience. At only 55 microns thick - Kimono MicroThin Large condoms are a condom industry first - providing unparalleled feeling with unparalleled protection. All Kimono condoms exceed all US and international standards for strength and reliability. Each condom is individually, electronically tested for assurance.

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