Pjur Eros Light Love Body Glide 30 ml

pjur eros light love lubricant

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CODE: peroslit030

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Pjur Eros Light Love Light Formulated BodyGlide. Super-concentrated making it longer lasting and much less expensive drop-per-drop than other brands, plus Pjur Eros Bodyglides never become sticky. An excellent skin conditioner and moisturizer, Bodyglides do not block your pores. No clean-up required after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide. Pjur Eros Light Love Bodyglide is: dermatologist tested safe for daily use 100% latex and condom safe Pjur Light Love Eros Bodyglide Thinner version (20%) of Pjur Eros Original Bodyglide. Many customers tell us it feels even softer and more slippery. This uniquely light formula is non-toxic, allergy tested, odorless and tasteless, with no chemicals or perservatives. Pjur Eros Light Love Bodyglide is our number 1 selling massage formulation.

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