Pure Passion Sex on the Beach for Women 15ml

Pure Passion Sex on the Beach

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Sxx on the Beach: Natural, safe and effective lubricating gel for women! Topical formula used to heighten the sensations in a woman’s arousal area! Increases lubrication, made from natural ingredients and feels great! Pure Passion is fast acting Pure Passion does not require a prescription Pure Passion is natural & safe Science: more than a buzzword. When we promise that Pure Passion will bring you "Better Sex Through Science", we mean that our one-of-a-kind topical gel is specially formulated from sophisticated natural compounds, multiple elements and tasty flavor working in concert to achieve a miracle of modern chemistry, one with the scientifically proven power to revolutionize your sex life. The combination of below ingredients, mixed into our proprietary formulation, substantially heightens a woman's sexual responsiveness and pleasure. Take your sex life to undreamt-of levels by unleashing the life-changing erotic supercharge inside every container of Pure Passion. L-Arginine HCL - an amino acid that is responsible for the production of Nitric Oxide, causing vasodilation (excitement) in the clitoral tissue. A 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the discovery of the Nitric Oxide pathway, which is the basis of the blood engorgement in and around the clitoris. Niacin - a water-soluble vitamin for increased sensitivity, which is an important contributor to a heighten the level of sexual response. Menthol - provides a noticeable warming and tingling sensation while also functioning to facilitate the rapid absorption of L-Arginine. Numerous medical journals have estimated the number of women in the United States who experience Sexual Dysfunction to be in excess of 43 million. One study was conducted on post-menopausal women with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). The study reported the effects of L-Arginine on blood flow and sexual arousal with women who experienced FSAD for at least 6 months. The results of this study stated that the increase in sexual arousal and lubrication was due to the body's increase in the production of Nitric Oxide. The study then showed direct evidence of increased blood flow to the clitoris, which was concluded to be the result of the application of the amino acid, L-Arginine. Pure Passion is not considered a drug-it is a personal use product intended for sexual enhancement. As such, it has not been submitted to the FDA and the FDA has rendered no opinion on it. Pure Passion is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, and mitigation of, treatment for or prevention of any disease. It is however manufactured in laboratories under strict FDA standards with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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