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New release from California Exotic Novelties Inc

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

foreveryoursWhat a year it was! Elections, economy, wars, jobs…. Everything seemed to go cloudy and gloomy. But… There is a good news! At the time when you are thinking about you wallet and do not allow yourself to spend a lot, California Exotic Novelties came up with a new, inexpensive vibrator. The sleek “Forever Yours” is guaranteed to run 30 minutes a day and will last for an entire year – otherwise Cal Exotics will refund the purchase price. It has incremental speed control and it is waterprooved (so you can play with it in a tab).

Another words, it is Smooth, Long, Pink and Perfect!

Coming from the proud parents of the original Jack Rabbit, this vibrator is getting a lot of publicity lately. We already have people on a back order list waiting for us to enter Forever Yours in our inventory.

Watch our Website stock, the Forever Yours is coming!

Why is it so difficult to talk about safe sex related products openly?

Friday, December 5th, 2008

coupleWhen people are asking me what am I doing for living, I do not make a big deal out of it. Usual reaction – smile. Unusual reaction, “Great! How is it going?”

You would think that safe sex related products should be promoted and explained in the media on the regular bases. Instead we find out constantly how TV, newspapers , magazines are pulling the plug on different Ad’s and promotional materials related to these products.

I always ask myself – Why in our modern society, where we see sex symbols all day long, watch sexually staffed movies and TV,  it’s still considered to be shameful to talk about CONDOMS or (OMG do not say it!) lubes. And sex toys? Forget about it. Nothing changed in this matter for more than 100 years in public mentality. What do you think? Is it right? Or wrong?