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New Ideas of promoting Condoms use and safe sex techniques

Monday, January 26th, 2009

The entire world turned upside down. However, no matter what is going outside of our persona, we are still coming back to our own world, related to the needs and necessities of everyday life. In addition, no matter how old are you, the issues about safe sex are getting your attention. It is about your teen aging kids, relatives, friends or you. Majority of us are intimidated to discuss that subject. The thing is, even with creative media campaigns and popular events promotions, the message is still not wide spread.  New Ideas of promoting Condoms use are really different from just regular discussions. We happened to read an article on Safe sex ideas that raise eyebrows by Meghan Holohan. The article is about different ways to promote safe sex products. We found it very interesting. Please, take a moment and read it. 

Dr. Laura Berman Sex Toys at Oprah Show

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

No matter how old you are, inside of you still lives a child, who is ready to go and play with his toys. What is the difference between an adult and a child – the price of their toys? As kids, we are always ready to explore, experiment, and enjoy. Are we loosing those abilities with age? Or place?

The sacred time comes in privacy of your bedroom. You can still play when you are alone or with your partner .

I happened to watch a recent TV show appearance by Dr. Laura Berman at Oprah Winfrey Show.

I was treated with open and truthful public dialog between adults about sexual fulfillment. Even the forbidden words combination as “Sex Toys” was in the air!
Sex toys do not have to be bulky and expensive. Dr. Berman made her point not just in discussions but also by developing a completely new line of products named “Berman Center Intimate Accessories”. She developed them in collaboration with industry leading California Exotic Novelties. For those of you who do not know, California Exotic Novelties is a proud parent of the original Jack Rabbit.
My favorite from Dr.Berman’s collection is Alethia Finger Stimulator. It runs on batteries. It is inexpensive, compact, quiet, and reusable. It has three different attachments to satisfy any physique and desire. The stimulator is made from soft, tender silicone and it is adjustable to different sizes. It comes with batteries in a cute little pouch.

Great products, wonderful show, interesting conversations. Hooray to Oprah and Dr. Berman!

How the condom is made

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


I was recently browsing through different sites and looking for an interesting video about condoms. With my surprise, I found very informative one on The following video is about the entire process of making condoms.

I mesmerized by watching it, because I never thought how much talent, knowledge and energy is involved in such a simple thing as making a condom. Especially interesting was the part where they explain how the condom tested for leakage.

Condom is an ancient creation from 2000 years back in history. During the history of humanity changes were made in the technological process, materials (from natural skin to latex or polyurethane) . But the idea, the purpose and basic shape are still the same.

How many more human inventions do you know what are still around after all those years?

Condom was and still is the best method of prevention from unwanted pregnancy, AIDS and STD.

Durex Commercial is taking a hit on YouTube

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

What a wonderful idea – to make a commercial about condom use without having actual people involved! It makes you laugh and it cheers you up. We are so used to the same boring talk about condoms, safe sex and different issues related to it. In addition, here we go – very innocent balloon figurines deliver the message just fine! Durex Balloon condom commercial is by far a winner. The only thing I did not like is the sound of rubbers friction. It seems that they can use some lubes. However, I guess it is not about senses; it is about what is making it work. Love it!