PPE Condom is ready to protect! Are you ready?

Who knows what PPE stands for? The public usually does not know, but everybody related to Military Service does. It stands for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to create a barrier to hazards when a soldier is on duty. The idea of PPE is to effectively reduce the exposure to danger and increase personal safety.
When you are talking about your general personal safety it should include not just common things like safety belts in the car, personal hygiene routines, etc. It should include knowledge of safe sex techniques.
The idea of creating PPE Condoms came to mind of Caution Wear, Corp. when they designed a new line of products. Caution Wear,Corp is famous by manufacturing excellent affordable condoms, such as Iron Grip, Thin Black Ice, Slippery When Wet and Speed Bump
In collaboration with military sex educators and the largest US non-profit education and prevention organization Total Access Group, Inc., Caution Wear, Corp. was able to develop a new and meaningful product. The name of the condom is PPE, what translates as Premium Protection Everytime. Government agencies already approved it and it is ready to hit the market. It’s designed to be used not just by general public, but also by Military sex educators in order to make safe sex techniques more accessible to the army personnel.

We, www.CondomElite.com, are very impressed by the samples of PPE condoms and we already made space on our shelves for this interesting and innovative product.

PPE Condom comes in a cool camouflage packaging in order to match the main idea of PPE.

PPE Condom
Ultra smooth premium silicon-based lubricant, parallel-sided, N-9 FREE, transparent in color (clear latex color), ultra thin, 100% electronically tested.
Quality Standard: Conforms with ISO9002, EN46002 and CE 0120.
Size: Flat width >= 53mm, Length >= 180mm, Reservoir = 15mm

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