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Sex discussions in India

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

If you are interested in history of human sexual behavior, you will be interested to read Kama Sutra. Indian philosopher Mallanaga Vātsyāyana wrote this ancient manuscript where he described sexual intercourse from scientific point of view. This study became a standard to the doctors, philosophers, artists and public for practical advice on sexual activities.

However, one question is always on my mind. Why in the country, where such a brilliant script was produced, exists a contradiction toward sexual behavior? For example, sex toys and pornography are illegal in India. Modern Indian society holds on to conservative visions on sexuality. This explains why the condom use is not popular and, therefore, AIDS and STDs are on the rise in India.

Indian Government is trying to promote condom use. One of the recent sponsorships came for a new condom (available in India) named Crezendo. In the pack together with three condoms, there is a battery-run ring device. It started a heated debate in India, because some people consider it a vibrator. The article in BBC News tells us about different opinions on this subject in Indian society.

Condom new requirements coming from FDA

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Just when we thought, we knew everything about using condoms, on December,23 2008 came new requirement from the United States Food And Drug Administration about condoms labeling. The rules require to comply with labeling on condoms made from natural latex without spermicidal lubricant. Following are some of the best pearls included into the new labeling rules:

- Do not reuse latex condoms

- If the rubber material is damaged do not use the condom

- If the color of the condom material is changed do not use the condom 

To read the entire article go to ANB Novelty News Page 6

Sex is better when you get advice on How to choose Personal Lubricant

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Personal Lubricant is becoming more and more popular among sexually active part of our society. You can use it when using a condom, playing with your favorite toy or just enjoying yourself. Lubricant makes intercourse much more smooth, slick, and comfortable. It also plays an important part in reducing the risk of condom tear.

A huge selection of personal lubricants varies by base and brand. There are four different categories of personal lubricant:

1. Water Based - those lubricants are made of water and glycerin. It is evaporating very quick.

2. Based on Silicone - Lubricated Condoms are usually made with silicone lubricant. SILICONE BASED LUBRICANTS CAN NOT BE USED WITH SEX TOYS. Majority of sex toys are made with silicone and it is a fact that silicone based lubricant can react with a silicone in the sex toy. It is used with all types of condoms and will not evaporate as quick as water based.

3. Based on Oil – OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS CAN NOT BE USED WITH LATEX CONDOMS. They are destroying latex. However POLYURETHANE condoms CAN NOT be  destroyed by oil based lubricant.

4. Flavored – Flavored lubricants are usually water-based and some contain sugar. They bring more excitement in sex life with your favorite flavor and aroma.

We happened to like the visual overview of lubricants in the following video

There is a new theory in work that beside the pleasure, Personal Lubricants  can be potentially used as an HIV and STD Prevention.

Flavored Condoms – Yuuummmyy!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Flavored Condoms? Are you puzzled? Many manufacturers are coming up with condoms in different flavors and pleasant smell. Sometimes flavor is in the lubricant or applied on the condom directly. To make it more enjoyable some condoms are colored according to the flavors.

Lifestyles Condoms come in Strawberry, Vanilla, and Banana Flavors.

Trustex Condoms brings more variety, flavors include: Strawberry Flavor Condom, Banana Flavored Condom, Chocolate Flavored Condom, Cola Flavored Condom, Grape Flavored Condom, Mint Flavored Condom and Vanilla.

Durex Condoms go tropical with Orange, Banana, Strawberry flavors with coordinated colors.

Our Rough Rider boys are coming in banana, strawberry, and vanilla with matching vibrant color.

And who can miss the favorite of our customers – Paradise Flavored Condoms. Their assortment includes Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, and Spearmint. Each one if them is also colored to match the flavor.

Flavored condoms are exciting and fun. All of the mentioned brands are FDA approved for use as regular condoms. Use flavored condoms for vaginal sex also, but double check that they are sugar -free, because sugar can initiate yeast infection in vagina.