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Five best food products to eat for great sex

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

It appears that there’s a new reason for all of us to start eating healthier: our sex drives. According to a new book called  “Eat This, Not That! Best (and Worst) Foods in America!” byDavid Zinczenko with Matt Goulding , certain foods or diets can lower or increase your libido. For example, a diet of fattening food will not only cause obesity, but the added weight will also cause biochemical modifications within one’s body. Those changes result in a lowered flow of blood, which leads to a significantly reduced sex drive. The extra weight also hinders a person’s ability to have children, by damaging sperm in men and causing ovulation problems in women.

Specific foods will also provide various vitamins and nutrients that can improve your sex drive.

1. Bananas, because of the large amounts of potassium contained in them, can help regulate blood flow, which, as I mentioned above, is a major component of having a healthy libido.

2. Other foods that can improve your sex drive are edible plant seeds. Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc and protein, which help by increasing body temperature and testosterone.

3. Zinc can be obtained from shellfish (especially oysters). You can find zinc in brown rice, dark green veggies,  red meat and turkey.

4. Some more foods that can help your libido include strawberries and oranges (through the Vitamin C within them).

5. Along comes dark chocolate, which contains Phenyl Ethylamine, a chemical given off during sex.

Many vitamins, including Vitamins A, B, and E, also boost sex drives through the biological processes that these vitamins help fuel.

Sexual health is one of the most important components of your overall health.

It is extremely important to eat above-mentioned products, so you can keep your hormones and you fertility in good condition.

The best sex experience at Amora Academy.

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Are you curious about your body reaction to the touch? Would you like to improve your private parts knowledge by playing with interactive mannequin? Do you care about safe sex techniques and your partner satisfaction?

If so, welcome to the “Amora sex academy”. As Reuters reported, the academy opened the door on Thursday in Berlin.
While you are there, interactive displays direct guests throughout the private parts of the male and female bodies. You are offered useful guidelines on all kind of intimate interaction from striptease to fellatio.
This academy opened in London and is expected to be open in Barcelona.


Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Bruce Willis and Emma sexy pictures

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We used to the idea that our celebrities are always on the top of the game. We would like to eat, dress and unwind just like them. Of course, we cannot have enough money to copy it exactly. Therefore, we come up with “affordable” substitutes.
The latest “W” magazine published pictures of Bruce Willis with his new wife Emma. Gorgeous couple proudly showed their supernatural looking bodies. You can almost sense the chemistry between those two.
“W” likes to integrate sexual features into their snapshots. It makes the photographs more artistic and imaginative.Emma is wearing pieces from Fendi, Max Azria, Michael Kors and Nina Ricci collections. Bruce… is not wearing a lot of garments. However, he is wearing red gloves! I happened to know them from the inventory list of This company is famous for selling medical fetish products.

Those pictures are a beautiful example of tasteful  promotion of safe sex novelty accessories. The best part – you can afford them!

Secret of Trojan Ecstacy Condom

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Everybody knows how important sexual satisfaction is in our daily lives. It affects everything: from mood to overall well-being. As always, Church & Dwight Inc., Co, the manufacturer for the Trojan brand, is on the top of the game by financing a survey on sexual satisfaction among Americans. The numbers are not even close to the expectations for a healthy, civilized society.

That was one of the reasons, why Trojan introduced a new arrival to the family of well-known condom brand Trojan – Trojan Ecstasy™. It comes in Ultra Ribbed™, Magnum™ and Her Pleasure varieties. It carries a new innovative design. This new design is bringing the highest score of satisfaction in Trojan condoms history.

The condom itself is bigger at the tip. Light lubricant applied to both sides of the condom. It brings natural feeling to both partners.

Condom is considerate great when you do not feel it.

From our customer’s feedback, we understand that Trojan achieved the goal. “OMG! The first time we tried Trojan Ecstasy Her Pleasure sensed like nothing is in-between us! What a treat! We are looking forward to more,” wrote Barry L.”We felt tremendous difference in comparison to the other kinds.”

Ecstasy to everyone!

Durex Condom gives you the best free advice!

Monday, July 13th, 2009


As a member of a family expecting the arrival of a new baby, I can tell you how much money you have to spend just to get ready for it. We are not talking hundreds of dollars, it’s much more that.

To increase the use of condoms and to discourage people from having unwanted pregnancies, Durex put out a new condom advertisement, created by Espiral DP, which shows the financial benefits of using a condom. The advertisement depicts a colorful toddler’s playpen with a price tag of $420, and underneath the playpen, it shows a Durex logo with a price tag of $2.50. This suggests that by spending money on a condom, you are preventing the massive financial costs that are often caused by having a child. Advertisements like this do not just serve to increase the amount of money that the company makes, but also provide important information to the public. More advertisements like this one can help convince people that condoms are one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancies.

You have to admit one thing, Durex has a good sense of humor!


Teenage Pregnancies prevention on PrimeTV

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Recently I saw an interesting Primetime TV special about the dangers of teen pregnancies. It brought to light one of the most important issues that has been plaguing the world’s teens. The issue of teen pregnancies, and the many difficulties in life that come from having a child at a young age, has been a serious problem for decades, and in recent years 3 out of every 10 American girls have become pregnant before the age of 20, equaling to approximately 745,000 teen pregnancies every year. On top of that, many of the girls who manage to avoid becoming pregnant in their teen years still become pregnant quite early in their lives. According to recent data, there has been a large increase in the amount of unmarried women who are becoming pregnant and having children in their 20’s. Although the media usually pays more attention to teen mothers than older, unmarried mothers, they still experience a similar plight, since young, unwed fathers often don’t marry the mothers of their children. In teens alone, 8 out of 10 teen fathers don’t marry their child’s mother. These fathers also pay very little in child support, and their children are forced to grow up poor, with only one parent.

Some may ask, “What’s the big deal? Why is having a child when you’re a teenager so difficult?”  Well to that I must say: Where do I start?

First of all, having a child at that age is emotionally and mentally traumatizing for the mother. Having to do school work while taking care of a child is incredibly difficult, and having too hold down a job at the same time only complicates matters further. Because of this, over half of all teen mothers don’t even graduate from high school. As for college, less than 2 percent of all women who give birth to a child during their teenager years get a college degree by the time they’re 30 years old. By having a child when they aren’t prepared, many young girls across the world effectively ruin their chances for an education.

However, it is not just the mother who suffers from the effects of a teen pregnancy. The children of teen mothers are often born prematurely or underweight, and are twice as likely to suffer abuse or neglect as the children of older mothers. These children are also more prone to doing poorly in school or ending up in prison, and according to recent studies, the daughters of unwed teenagers are three times as likely to become teen mothers themselves.

The most effective solution that comes to mind for pregnancy prevention is effective, safe sex education. Condom use is extremely important for the resolution of multiple issues related to unwanted pregnancies. As a mature audience, we have to promote sex education among teenagers.

Condom Elite was at Gay Pride Parade!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


As many people across the world already know, the 2009 Gay Pride Festival in New York City occurred just last week, lasting from June 20th to June 28th, with this year’s NYC Gay Pride Parade occurring on the 28th. This parade marked the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a series of riots against unlawful treatment of gays, which started after the police raid of a gay bar in 1969. The riots are often considering a turning point in the history of gay rights, and many consider it the event that started the modern gay rights movement. Since the riots, countless gay rights parades have occurred, with the annual June event in New York City being one of the most famous.

The total amount of people present at the march is unknown, but the organizers of the parade claim that it attracted almost 500,000 participants. Despite the large number of people in attendance, including New York Governor David Paterson, the State Senate still has not legalized gay marriage. This saddens many New Yorkers, partially because Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa have already legalized gay marriage within their states. Many of New York’s citizens are wondering when their state will finally give gays the right to marry.

Not only was David Paterson at the parade, but so was Condom Elite. Our friend, who came all the way from Seattle to see the parade, represented by handing out our condoms.

Condom Warming Pleasure – is it possible?

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Everybody is puzzled with the same dilemmas:

1. How to how to pleasure your partner sexually, but keep it safe at the same time?

2. How to become a lover everybody desires, but not to think about danger of unprotected sex?

Manufacturers of Trojan and Lifestyles condoms came up with a great innovative way to help us, by adding pleasure enhancement features to their condoms.

If you ask me, an outstanding place belongs to Warming Condoms. They have a unique warming lubricant that heats up with friction. Warming lubricant triggered by natural body moisture releases pleasurable warmth to both partners. It enhances sensation, increases arousal and…. what a pleasure it is…..

To make it easier for you to choose the right warming pleasure condom we will compare four different kinds of them 

Lifestyles Warming Pleasurelifestyleswarm

Made from latex, this condom contains warming lubricant with glycerin. It has natural color and low latex smell. It is 8” long, 1,75” wide at the head and 1,375” wide at the bottom. It is tapered toward the bottom for more secure fit.

Trojan Her Pleasure Warm Sensationstrojan-herpleasurewarm1

Trojan Her Pleasure Warming Condom is 7,8” long, 1,7” wide at pouch and tapered to the bottom to 1,375” to make a secure fit.

Trojan Magnum Warming Sensations


Trojan Magnum Warming Sensations is larger than standard condoms It is made from premium quality latex. For extra security and comfort, it is tapered at the base. Warming lubricant is silky smooth. There is a reservoir at the end for extra safety.

It is one of the largest from Warming Condoms family: It is 8,1” long and 1,5” wide at the bottom

Trojan Shared Pleasure Warming condoms


Trojan Shared Pleasure Warming Condom is made from premium quality latex and has a standard size for comfort. It has a

reservoir tip for extra safety. It is measured 7,8” long, 1,5” wide.

After all it is up to www.CondomElite to inform you, and up to you to decide!