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Vibrator Play on Broadway

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


Since I am running a sexual novelties web store, it was especially interesting for me to see new Broadway play “In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play”. It’s performed in Lyceum Theatre on Broadway. This play is about 19th century mentality, intimacy and marriage. It transferes you to a different historical period , but it shows the same human problems as we have now.

What fascinates me is how in a world vibrator came to life? Who created it to begin with? It was introduced at the end of 19th Century. It was created in order to treat Hysteria. In fact, vaginal massage was used for treating those diagnoses back at the time of legendary Hippocrates. Improvement made by a electromechanical vibrator was revolutionary. It was large and difficult to move around the floor.

Finally, handheld vibrator was made in the beginning of 20th Century. Unbelievably, the vibrator became one of the first five electrical home appliance offered to general public. It came out after the sewing machine but earlier than the electric iron and vacuum cleaner.

The old ad for vibrators said, “Vibrate Your Body and Make It Well. YOU Have No Right to Be Sick.”.

It’s interesting, that back than people saw the reason for Hysteria as “congestion in your womb,”  ”if we can release some of that congestion and invite the juices downwards, your health will be restored.”

This play gives us a history lesson at the same time as making us think, how closed we are in our own room and we can only guess what is going on in the Next Room.

Santa Costume from Condoms?

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Santa Condom

Holiday spirit is in our houses, on our streets and at the malls. Santa, as a cheerful guest, is greeting us everywhere. But owners of Bangkok’s restaurant  “Cabbages and Condoms”, decided to go further than cheering guests  with Santa.  Their Santa’s costume is made from… condoms! So, why did they use such an unusual name for their restaurant ?

Everything in the restaurant is about condoms! It happened to be, that the owners of the reastaurant promote  condom use. They feel, that the word condom has to be used in common language as often, as any regular words. Because cabbage is used a lot in food in Thailand, condoms use suppose to be  as common as use of a cabbage.

What a great idea!

Free Sex at Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Thursday, December 10th, 2009


As you know, UN climate summit gets underway this week in Copenhagen.

To stay on the safe side, and in order to avoid any additional headaches, city officials decided to warn guests against soliciting sex from prostitutes. Even though prostitution is legal in Copenhagen, local authorities sent postcards to city hotels. Each postcard said, “Be sustainable—don’t buy sex”.

In response, sex laborers turned the postcards into coupons. Each coupon entitles you to FREE SEX!

European media nicknamed the conference in “Gropenhagen Conference”.

In addition, somebody created a T-Shirt with logo “Gropenhagen Climax Conference”.

You can buy it from DJ Tees.

What about city government? They did not react…..

Story of Vibrator left by Johnson and Johnson heiress

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Casey Johnson (R) and guest arrive at the Apple Lounge grand opening at Apple Lounge on August 14, 2008 in West Hollywood, California.

Casey Johnson, (on the right), heiress of Johnson & Johnson family, was arrested on November 30 in Los Angeles for stealing from her girlfriend. We think that the news is attention grabbing not just for the fact of stealing, but also for what she lef at the scene. You would never guess – USED VIBRATOR and wet towel.

New York Post published this news from the words of Jasmine Lennard ,  Casey’ girlfriend, who became a victim of this crime. She claims that when she came from the trip to her home in Hollywood, she discovered that jewelry, shoes, clothing were gone. The thief left behind a used vibrator (???) in bed..

Lennard discovered from one her friends that missing items are with Casey. She reported items missing and police arrested Johnson. Casey Johnson released on $20,000 bond.

Johnson, 30, is the great-granddaughter of the company’s founder; her father, Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson IV, is the owner of the New York Jets.

We wonder, what brand of vibrator was she using? Did she use one of the most famous lubricants made by Johnson & Johnson  “K-Y”?

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