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Durex claims 1 out of 5 Brits never used condom

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

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After surveying 12,000 people via Internet, Durex (the condom maker company), revealed the yearly British Sex Survey. According to it,

- One third of England’s population will have sex with anybody for a sum of £1,000,000;

- Typical Kingdom’s citizen had sex with approximately 2 to 5 people;

- Average Brit is having sex 3-4 times per week;

- At the same time, 65% of the country does not have any intention to cheat on their loved ones;

- 5% are thinking about a coworker and 14% are thinking about their ex, while having sex;

Here comes the shocker,

– 22% of participants never used condoms!

Oh, no! In one of the most developed countries, with one of the most educated populations, every 5th citizen at some point of his life had sex without protection? Listen up, sex educators, Health Ministry and social workers! You have to get your nation up to current information about AIDS, STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

The Best Condom Fun Ad for Durex XXL

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Durex did it again. Without crossing the boundaries, with elegance and style, they created an ad you will remember  for years to come. This new ad is for Durex XXL condom.

Durex XXL has a length of 235mm. It is the longest condom you can buy. The width at the shaft is a little wider than usual with a width at the base of 52mm.

Durex XXL

For those of you, who are interested in XL condoms available on the market – we just published a story

How to choose XL Condom” on The article gives you a full comparison among different brands of XL condoms.

Durex Condom gives you the best free advice!

Monday, July 13th, 2009


As a member of a family expecting the arrival of a new baby, I can tell you how much money you have to spend just to get ready for it. We are not talking hundreds of dollars, it’s much more that.

To increase the use of condoms and to discourage people from having unwanted pregnancies, Durex put out a new condom advertisement, created by Espiral DP, which shows the financial benefits of using a condom. The advertisement depicts a colorful toddler’s playpen with a price tag of $420, and underneath the playpen, it shows a Durex logo with a price tag of $2.50. This suggests that by spending money on a condom, you are preventing the massive financial costs that are often caused by having a child. Advertisements like this do not just serve to increase the amount of money that the company makes, but also provide important information to the public. More advertisements like this one can help convince people that condoms are one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancies.

You have to admit one thing, Durex has a good sense of humor!