With Intimate Organics Sex Is Natural

If you are a health conscious person, we would love to introduce you to the line of intimate novelty products made from USDA Board Certified organic materials. They are manufactured by Intimate Organics and took the market by storm.

Often both partners in a relationship do not feel the same bond, as they previously used to have. To help restore this link you can use different tightening gels, lubricants or sprays.  When choosing the right product, safety supposes to be your main priority.

All Intimate Organics products are menthol, paraben, glycerine and DEA free.

They Include:

1.Discover G Spot Gel 1 oz

2.Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel 1 oz

3.Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel 1 oz

4.Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray 1 oz

5.Hydra Water Based Lubricant 120 ml



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