JLS Condom made with LOVE

March 9th, 2010

POP Band JLS (stands for Jack the Lad Swing), came up with a new CONDOM – in order to promote condom use.

Condoms will have a snappy name Just Love Safe.  This name is inspired by the band hit song Everybody In Love and abbreviation of group’s name.

Idea came out from the band interview with The Sun a month ago. First it sounded like a joke, but Durex company got in touch with them (Durex is always on a top of  the game) and the idea became a reality.

MARVIN HUMES, ASTON MERRYGOLD, ORITSE WILLIAMS and JONATHAN “JB” GILL decided on color-coordinated condoms to each one of them;

Aston gets a blue one, Marvin will have green, Oritse signs for red and JB for  yellow.

POP Band JLS is a winner of Shagger of The Year award in 2009. Women are in love with charismatic young musicians and the band is famous as being irresistible Casanovas.

Their influence on young fans will help worldwide campaigns to encourage safe sex and use of condoms.

Best USA cities where “Size Matters”

March 4th, 2010


Who said that size does not matter?

For some men their p***s is their price.

Almost all men – regardless what they say – wish to have a larger p***s.

Whatever you say, but our “Big Brother”  Condomania is always on a top of the game. They recently gave us an update from their database on p***s sizes, grading them by the 50 states of USA. They also ranked 20 U.S. cities by an average size. Similar study was published in 1948 by Kinsey researchers.

So, now looking at this data, you can find a city, where you can really become a stud (sorry Dallas!).

So, who are the nominee? (Drum Roll, please!)

Gold Medal State in Average P***s Size category – New Hampshire;
And the Last place goes to – Wyoming;

Gold Medal in U.S. City category for Average P***s Size – New Orleans;
And the Last place goes to -  Dallas/Ft. Worth

20 Cities in Order by Penis Size
New Orleans
Washington DC
San Diego
New York City
San Francisco
St. Louis
Los Angeles
Dallas/Ft. Worth

50 States in Order by P***s Size
New Hampshire
New York
New Mexico
South Dakota
Rhode Island
New Jersey
North Dakota
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

Success – Free-Press-Release.com

March 2nd, 2010

Success – Free-Press-Release.com.

Condom distribution at 2010 Vancouver Olympics

March 2nd, 2010


Olympics condom

It started with this news report


During 17 days of Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control distributed 100,000 condoms. Then, when a rumor started that there was a shortage, a new shipment of 8,500 additional condoms came from the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research. 

Free condoms were distributed not just among athletes, but also to security, maintenance and volunteers. They were handed out in public bathrooms of the pavilions, when people were attending free concerts. Volunteers participated in the condoms distribution. 

Clay Adams of Vancouver Coastal Health said, “When you’ve got a global audience like this, it’s a huge opportunity to educate the world”.

He also mentioned that 40 000 condoms out of 100 000 condoms were distributed among athletes. 

Adams said, “Indications are that Vancouver topped the podium for Winter Olympics. Although we recently heard that they issued 35 million condoms for Mardi Gras in Rio, so I suppose we all have a long, long way to go to reach that mark.”

The first time free condoms were handed out at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992. But Vancouver marked this story as the first time getting shortage of condoms in the history of Olympics.

 Thanks Canada for raising AIDS awareness!

The following video gives you a funny summary on the story

Best place to have sex on Valentine

February 7th, 2010


Do you have a “bucket list”?

Well, one of the restaurants in Toronto, Canada would like to be the one of the “101 places to have sex before you die.”
According to The National Post, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen sent emails to their mail list participants, with a special invitation to have sex in one of four restaurants’ bathrooms between February 12th and February 15th.

“Check out Mildred’s Sexy Bathrooms throughout the weekend of Big Love. You get the picture.”
Excerpt from the interview with manager Rory Gallagher,
“We wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day and stuffed teddy bears have been done. We wanted to branch out a little bit. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something all weekend long. For our brunches we are actually going to have beds in our dining room and we will serve breakfast in bed.”

As for cleaning, there will be a French maid supervising the bathrooms all weekend.
Customers should think about their protection and bring condoms with them.

Heart Hot Massager makes your massage awarding

January 24th, 2010

Heart Massager

If you are in a mood for romance and physical contact, there is nothing better than a nice massage. Massage is about intimacy and quality time together.

Everyone can give a relaxing sensual massage to his partner. Sometimes it helps to use a nice lubricant or lighten up a special candle.

A lot of times, massage is great for a person who receives it, but a little boring for somebody who gives it.

The main idea for the Amazing Hot Heart Massager is to make massage experience enjoyable for both partners.
The massager is a heart-shaped gel pack with a small metal circle inside. Just bend the circle and the gel inside begin to warm up and start crystallizing. The massager gets warm, but not exceedingly hot. It keeps the heat for around 30 minutes.
It is a great and rewarding treat.  One of the great features of this product is that you can use it multiples times. When heart cools down, the gel becomes a crystalline material. To use your massager again, put it into boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. The crystals will melt and you can begin your new session.

Hot Heart Massager is made by Lovers Choice company,  famous by producing all kind of special romantic products.

The Amazing Hot Heart Massager is really AMAZING!

Natural Sex boost Rocket Balm from Lovers Choice

January 24th, 2010

If you are looking for a natural way to boost your sexual life, without taking any enhancers inside your body, “Rocket Balm” is for you. Rocket Balm is catered to the male members you suppose to rub it to your groin area (sorry girls!) to give additional sensitivity. When we checked the ingredients list, we were pleasantly surprised with ALL natural components. They are Shea Butter, almond oil, beeswax, menthol, peppermint, wild oat and ginseng. It was good to know, that you do not have to rub risky chemical ingredients against your skin.
We tried it, before offering “Rocket Balm” to our customers.
Minor cooling effect starts taking place immediately after applying a small amount of balm to the groin area. While you are in a process, the feeling intensifies all around, from the top to the base and makes your experience magical! It certainly increases sensation and brings fun to your bedroom.

Rocket Balm is made by Lovers Choice company. The manufacturer is famous with their romantic novelity products. They made a similar product for women named “Flower Balm“. It is also natural and brings “blooming sensation unlike anything else”.


How to increase sperm counts

January 18th, 2010

Birth rates are falling all over the world. Factors like birth control, economics and politics, influence creation of the  new generation. Couples willing to conceive are now older and fertility gets affected.

Sperm counts are falling dramatically with age. Is it possible to improve it?  There are plenty of factors considered responsible for the sperm quality: alcohol, smoking, environment, chemicals in the food, stress. However, what about the frequency of sex?

I read an interesting article by Emma Wilkinson (BBC News Health Reporter). It states, that according to Australian scientists Dr. Greening: “Having sex every day improves sperm quality and could boost the chances of getting pregnant, research suggests.”

Studies on a group of men showed that sperm becomes clearer. Daily ejaculation cut the number of genetically damaged semen.

Will time prove the result of this study? It is for you to decide…

Vibrator Play on Broadway

December 23rd, 2009


Since I am running a sexual novelties web store, it was especially interesting for me to see new Broadway play “In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play”. It’s performed in Lyceum Theatre on Broadway. This play is about 19th century mentality, intimacy and marriage. It transferes you to a different historical period , but it shows the same human problems as we have now.

What fascinates me is how in a world vibrator came to life? Who created it to begin with? It was introduced at the end of 19th Century. It was created in order to treat Hysteria. In fact, vaginal massage was used for treating those diagnoses back at the time of legendary Hippocrates. Improvement made by a electromechanical vibrator was revolutionary. It was large and difficult to move around the floor.

Finally, handheld vibrator was made in the beginning of 20th Century. Unbelievably, the vibrator became one of the first five electrical home appliance offered to general public. It came out after the sewing machine but earlier than the electric iron and vacuum cleaner.

The old ad for vibrators said, “Vibrate Your Body and Make It Well. YOU Have No Right to Be Sick.”.

It’s interesting, that back than people saw the reason for Hysteria as “congestion in your womb,”  ”if we can release some of that congestion and invite the juices downwards, your health will be restored.”

This play gives us a history lesson at the same time as making us think, how closed we are in our own room and we can only guess what is going on in the Next Room.

Santa Costume from Condoms?

December 19th, 2009

Santa Condom

Holiday spirit is in our houses, on our streets and at the malls. Santa, as a cheerful guest, is greeting us everywhere. But owners of Bangkok’s restaurant  “Cabbages and Condoms”, decided to go further than cheering guests  with Santa.  Their Santa’s costume is made from… condoms! So, why did they use such an unusual name for their restaurant ?

Everything in the restaurant is about condoms! It happened to be, that the owners of the reastaurant promote  condom use. They feel, that the word condom has to be used in common language as often, as any regular words. Because cabbage is used a lot in food in Thailand, condoms use suppose to be  as common as use of a cabbage.

What a great idea!