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Durex claims 1 out of 5 Brits never used condom

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

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After surveying 12,000 people via Internet, Durex (the condom maker company), revealed the yearly British Sex Survey. According to it,

- One third of England’s population will have sex with anybody for a sum of £1,000,000;

- Typical Kingdom’s citizen had sex with approximately 2 to 5 people;

- Average Brit is having sex 3-4 times per week;

- At the same time, 65% of the country does not have any intention to cheat on their loved ones;

- 5% are thinking about a coworker and 14% are thinking about their ex, while having sex;

Here comes the shocker,

– 22% of participants never used condoms!

Oh, no! In one of the most developed countries, with one of the most educated populations, every 5th citizen at some point of his life had sex without protection? Listen up, sex educators, Health Ministry and social workers! You have to get your nation up to current information about AIDS, STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

JLS Condom made with LOVE

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

POP Band JLS (stands for Jack the Lad Swing), came up with a new CONDOM – in order to promote condom use.

Condoms will have a snappy name Just Love Safe.  This name is inspired by the band hit song Everybody In Love and abbreviation of group’s name.

Idea came out from the band interview with The Sun a month ago. First it sounded like a joke, but Durex company got in touch with them (Durex is always on a top of  the game) and the idea became a reality.

MARVIN HUMES, ASTON MERRYGOLD, ORITSE WILLIAMS and JONATHAN “JB” GILL decided on color-coordinated condoms to each one of them;

Aston gets a blue one, Marvin will have green, Oritse signs for red and JB for  yellow.

POP Band JLS is a winner of Shagger of The Year award in 2009. Women are in love with charismatic young musicians and the band is famous as being irresistible Casanovas.

Their influence on young fans will help worldwide campaigns to encourage safe sex and use of condoms.

The Best Condom Fun Ad for Durex XXL

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Durex did it again. Without crossing the boundaries, with elegance and style, they created an ad you will remember  for years to come. This new ad is for Durex XXL condom.

Durex XXL has a length of 235mm. It is the longest condom you can buy. The width at the shaft is a little wider than usual with a width at the base of 52mm.

Durex XXL

For those of you, who are interested in XL condoms available on the market – we just published a story

How to choose XL Condom” on The article gives you a full comparison among different brands of XL condoms.

4 Best Extra Large Condoms

Friday, August 21st, 2009
All of a sudden there is a huge demand for XL condoms in UK. Major supermarket chain “Tesco” will carry Durex XL from now on.
I feel good for the men who are blessed! From now on, no more squeezing or slipping!
We all know that the most popular condom brand in Europe is Durex. I was recently chatting with a German guy and he was very much impressed with our variety of XL condoms.
In USA there is a large variety of large and extra large condoms. They are designed to permit larger men to feel comfortable and secure at the same time.
What are our top sellers in XL category?
Our customers picked 4 best ones:
Length (mm)
1. Trojan Magnum XL 205
2. Lifestyles XL 190
3. Durex XXL 235
4.One The Legend 200

Oh Yes Gentlemen, this is not a mistake! We do carry XXL Durex condom. It is larger then XL Durex.

trojan magnum xlLifestyles XLDurex XXLOne The Legend

But you are a judge in your own final game. So try it!

2 Best Desensitizing Creams to keep the Erection Going

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Q. Dear CondomElite,

To prolong the erection somebody recommended to use a desensitization cream. There are a lot of different creams on the market.

What is your opinion? Which one would you recommend?

Thank you,


A.Dear Jules,

We have very good responses from two of our products. I would recommend Marathon Cream by Adam&Eve or Durex Play. They both are on our top shelf, but it is all about individual needs and preferences.

The goal of desensitization is to keep the erection and to delay premature ejaculation.

Durex Play contains 7,5% Benzocaine (an active ingredient that actually desensitizes), when Marathon Cream contains only 3%. However, Marathon Cream contains ginseng and sesame seed oil for aphrodisiac goals.

You will have to try both of them and see what will work better for you.

Adam & Eve Maraphon creamDurex PLay

2 Best Condoms for people with Latex Allergy

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

One out of every ten American citizens has an allergy to latex condoms.

These allergies have caused condom manufacturers to produce different, often less effective, versions of their products, made out of  non-latex materials. Since they did not use latex, these condoms did not cause allergic reactions.

Polyurethane became one of the materials used in condom industry ( Trojan Supra Condoms). However, the polyurethane condoms posed another problem. Compared to latex, polyurethane allows very little stretching, and a polyurethane condom is more likely to fall off or break than a latex one. In addition, polyurethane condoms are known to make a loud, crinkling sound while they are being used. Basically, they aren’t as effective as latex condoms.

Fortunately, there is a new alternative for people who have latex allergies: new condoms are made from polyisoprene ( Lifestyles SKYN Condoms and Avanti Ultima Durex). Polyisoprene is a substance that does not include any latex, but is stretchier, softer, and more resistant to breakage than polyurethane condoms. At the same time, polyisoprene is just as effective as polyurethane when it comes to preventing STDs or unwanted pregnancies. Polyisoprene condoms have only recently been released, but show a lot of promise, since the comparisons of polyisoprene with polyurethane confirm that SKYN condoms are a major leap forward in condom technology.

Lifestyles Skyn

Durex Condom gives you the best free advice!

Monday, July 13th, 2009


As a member of a family expecting the arrival of a new baby, I can tell you how much money you have to spend just to get ready for it. We are not talking hundreds of dollars, it’s much more that.

To increase the use of condoms and to discourage people from having unwanted pregnancies, Durex put out a new condom advertisement, created by Espiral DP, which shows the financial benefits of using a condom. The advertisement depicts a colorful toddler’s playpen with a price tag of $420, and underneath the playpen, it shows a Durex logo with a price tag of $2.50. This suggests that by spending money on a condom, you are preventing the massive financial costs that are often caused by having a child. Advertisements like this do not just serve to increase the amount of money that the company makes, but also provide important information to the public. More advertisements like this one can help convince people that condoms are one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancies.

You have to admit one thing, Durex has a good sense of humor!


Flavored Condoms – Yuuummmyy!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Flavored Condoms? Are you puzzled? Many manufacturers are coming up with condoms in different flavors and pleasant smell. Sometimes flavor is in the lubricant or applied on the condom directly. To make it more enjoyable some condoms are colored according to the flavors.

Lifestyles Condoms come in Strawberry, Vanilla, and Banana Flavors.

Trustex Condoms brings more variety, flavors include: Strawberry Flavor Condom, Banana Flavored Condom, Chocolate Flavored Condom, Cola Flavored Condom, Grape Flavored Condom, Mint Flavored Condom and Vanilla.

Durex Condoms go tropical with Orange, Banana, Strawberry flavors with coordinated colors.

Our Rough Rider boys are coming in banana, strawberry, and vanilla with matching vibrant color.

And who can miss the favorite of our customers – Paradise Flavored Condoms. Their assortment includes Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, and Spearmint. Each one if them is also colored to match the flavor.

Flavored condoms are exciting and fun. All of the mentioned brands are FDA approved for use as regular condoms. Use flavored condoms for vaginal sex also, but double check that they are sugar -free, because sugar can initiate yeast infection in vagina.

Durex Commercial is taking a hit on YouTube

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

What a wonderful idea – to make a commercial about condom use without having actual people involved! It makes you laugh and it cheers you up. We are so used to the same boring talk about condoms, safe sex and different issues related to it. In addition, here we go – very innocent balloon figurines deliver the message just fine! Durex Balloon condom commercial is by far a winner. The only thing I did not like is the sound of rubbers friction. It seems that they can use some lubes. However, I guess it is not about senses; it is about what is making it work. Love it!