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Vatican and Condom Vending Machines

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


Pregnancy and STDs among teenagers became serious issues dealt with all over the world.  One million teenagers become pregnant every year. Media, music, society teach our teenagers that sex is an ordinary part of teenager’s life. There is only one solution – sex education. To educate young generation about safe sex should be a common task for schools, parents, community.

Keplero High school in Rome decided to be the first one to install a condom vending machine as part of educational process of safe sex. It created a squall of opinions. Catholic Church claimed that accessibility of condoms pushes teenagers to have sex.

“This is not about stimulating the use of condoms or intercourse,” Antonio Panaccione, the school headmaster, told The Associated Press. “On the contrary, it’s about prevention and education.”

Cardinal Agostino Vallini, said it “cannot be approved by Rome’s ecclesiastical community or by Christian families who are seriously concerned with the education of their children.”

Vatican does not think that condom use will help to prevent pregnancies or STDs among teenagers. In their opinion, moral issues and education are much more important.

Piero Uroda, the leader of Italy’s association of Catholic pharmacists, said condoms were to blame for greater than before number of rapes.

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Monday, July 13th, 2009


As a member of a family expecting the arrival of a new baby, I can tell you how much money you have to spend just to get ready for it. We are not talking hundreds of dollars, it’s much more that.

To increase the use of condoms and to discourage people from having unwanted pregnancies, Durex put out a new condom advertisement, created by Espiral DP, which shows the financial benefits of using a condom. The advertisement depicts a colorful toddler’s playpen with a price tag of $420, and underneath the playpen, it shows a Durex logo with a price tag of $2.50. This suggests that by spending money on a condom, you are preventing the massive financial costs that are often caused by having a child. Advertisements like this do not just serve to increase the amount of money that the company makes, but also provide important information to the public. More advertisements like this one can help convince people that condoms are one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancies.

You have to admit one thing, Durex has a good sense of humor!